The SAT Math Prep Series


The SAT Math Prep Series is a new Media4Math series of modules to prepare students for the SAT. These modules delve deeply into the key math concepts that are tested on the SAT to better prepare your students. Even outside the context of the SAT, these are excellent modules for reviewing key concepts from your algebra and geometry curricula.

Current modules available in Media4Math Classroom (click on the image to get a more detailed preview of the module). (Note: Subscribers to the Media4Math bundle subscription get access to all Media4Math Classroom modules and the over 10,000 digital resources available on Media4Math Library.)


Linear Equations and Functions

In this module there is a thorough review of the topic of linear equations. This module covers four key areas:

  1. Slope-intercept form
  2. Point-slope form
  3. Equations for parallel and perpendicular lines
  4. Equations in standard form


In this module there is a thorough review of the topic of functions. This module covers five key areas:

  1. Definition of a function
  2. Evaluating a function
  3. The structure of linear functions
  4. The structure of quadratic functions, and
  5. Composite functions


Systems of Equations

This module reviews systems of equations. In particular, these topics are covered.

  1. Definition of a system of equations
  2. Substitution method
  3. Elimination method
  4. Non-linear systems

Complex Numbers


In this module there is a thorough review of the topic of complex numbers. This module covers six key areas:

  1. Definition of an imaginary number
  2. Definition of a complex number
  3. Comparing complex numbers
  4. Adding and subtracting complex numbers
  5. Multiplying and dividing complex numbers
  6. Complex roots of quadratic equations


Modules in Development

Throughout the school year we will be adding new modules covering all the key skills on the SAT math section of the test. Among these modules are the following:

  1. Quadratic Functions and Equations
  2. Algebraic Expressions
  3. Measures of Central Tendency
  4. Inequalities
  5. Ratios and Proportions
  6. Rational Numbers and Expressions
  7. Polynomials
  8. Select Geometry Topics

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