SAT Math Prep--Systems of Equations


This module reviews systems of equations. In particular, these topics are covered.

  1. Definition of a system of equations
  2. Substitution method
  3. Elimination method
  4. Non-linear systems

Plan on spending at least 30 minutes per topic. This entire module can be completed over a two-hour period, which can be broken up into several sessions.

For each topic students will review key concepts, look at numerous examples, and then look at sample SAT assessment items, with clear explanations to each assessment item.

Math Concepts

  • Expressions
  • Equations
  • Algebra

Learning Objectives

  • Define linear and non-linear systems
  • Use the Substitution Method to solve linear systems
  • Use the Elimination Method to solve linear systems
  • Use graphical methods to solve systems

Prerequisite Skills

  • Knows how to graph linear equations
  • Knows how to solve equations for a given variable
  • Familiar with graphs of quadratic equations
Lesson Duration 120 mins
Grade Range 9th - 10th Grade

Lesson Preview