Free Resources from Media4Math

Media4Math is committed to providing our high-quality digital resources. We have a growing library of free resources that we are now expanding with additional free resources.

Open Educational Resources

Media4Math has a growing library of Open Educational Resources (OER) that utilize the many resources found on our site. These resources do not require that a user be logged in to Media4Math. Simply copy and paste the URL and freely use this content. You can show these lessons as presentations in your classroom. Or you can share the URL with your students to have them use these lessons as online instructional or reteaching modules.

  • OER Library: Dozens of ready-made lesson plans that require no log-in. Simply copy and paste these URL and use an online instructional resources. More resources will be added weekly.

QuikBytes Slide Shows

Subscribers to Media4Math now have the ability to create their own slide shows quickly and easily from resources in the Media4Math Library. To give you an idea of the power of our new Slide Show Creator tool, take a look at our library of QuikBytes Slide Shows. These resources can easily be assigned to your students (just copy and paste the URL) and are ideal for distance.

See the QuickBytes Slide Show Library

Google Earth Voyager Stories

Looking for ways to make math relevant to your students? Take your students on a math adventure around the world with our Google Earth Voyager Stories. Using the power of the Google Earth platform, Media4Math has created some dynamic, eye-opening adventures that are real-world applications of concepts in algebra and geometry.

Note: These are best viewed in Chrome.

New Math Adventures

  • Triangular Structures—Visit Paris, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, and St. Petersburg, Florida, and learn about how triangles are used in architecture.
  • The Geometry of Castles—Visit Japan, France, Puerto Rico, and Prague and learn about the geometry of castles.
  • The Geometry of Sustainable Architecture—Visit Zimbabwe, New York City, China, and Atarctica to learn about sustainable architecture techniques and how geometric concepts are key to this type of architecture.
  • Circular Structures—Visit Rome, New Mexico, Washington, DC, and Dallas and look at circular structures and learn about the geometry of circles.

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