SAT Math Prep--Linear Equations and Functions


Media4Math Classroom is developing a series of instructional modules for reviewing SAT math topics in detail. These modules review the key skills that are tested on the SAT with a two-pronged approach:

  1. Review the basics of the math skills required.
  2. Develop an understanding of the types of questions that are likely to occur on the SAT around these skills.

In this module there is a thorough review of the topic of linear equations. This module covers four key areas:

  1. Slope-intercept form
  2. Point-slope form
  3. Equations for parallel and perpendicular lines
  4. Equations in standard form

Students are given ample opportunities to review and test their understanding of the basics of these areas, before moving on to the more rigorous types of questions they can expect to see on the test.

Make sure your students are familiar with these four topics. While there is plenty of opportunity for concept review, the key to succeeding on the SAT math section is to recognize that questions require a good grasp of the concepts.


Math Concepts

  • Expressions
  • Functions
  • Equations
  • Algebra

Learning Objectives

  • How to write and graph a linear function in slope-intercept form
  • How to write and graph a linear function in point-slope form
  • How to write and graph a linear function that are parallel or perpendicular to other linear functions
  • How to write and graph a linear function in standard form

Prerequisite Skills

  • Understands how to solve equations in one variable
  • Understands how to graph coordinates
  • Understands the basics of linear equations and functions
Lesson Duration 120 mins
Grade Range 9th - 12th Grade

Lesson Preview