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Definition--Variables, Unknowns, and Constants--Coefficient

What Is a Coefficient?

This is part of a series of definitions that focus on constants, variables, and coefficients. These definition cards can easily be incorporated into a lesson plan.


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The following section provides a brief review of number properties that are helpful in working with numerical and variable expressions.

Brief Review of Factors

When you multiply two numbers, each of them is a factor.


In this example, both 3 and 4 are factors. In fact, you can write any number as the product of its factors.

Three equations showing 12 as the product of its factors.

Brief Review of Algebraic Expressions and Equations

An algebraic expression includes numbers, operations, and variables and is written in the form of a polynomial.

Here is a simple example of an algebraic expression.


Equations can sometimes consist of algebraic expressions, like the one shown below.


Algebraic Expressions with Coefficients

One type of algebraic expression consists of a number multiplied by a variable. Here is an example.

Algebraic expression with 3 as the coefficient

Both the 3 and the x are factors, but with algebraic expressions, the 3 is also called a coefficient. In these algebraic expressions the coefficients are highlighted in red.

Examples of algebraic expressions with coefficients highlighted.

Other Expressions with Coefficients

Here are some other examples of coefficients with exponential, logarithmic, rational, and trigonometric expressions.

Variable expressions with coefficients highlighted.

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