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Media4Math has a visual math dictionary of key terms and definitions of hundreds of math terms. This collection of resources includes images that you can easily incorporate into your lesson plans. 

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Number of Resources: 1201
Thumbnail Image Description Curriculum Topic

Math Definitions Collection: Place Value

Place Value Collection Place Value and Rounding

Math Definitions Collection: Polynomials

Polynomials Collection Polynomial Functions and Equations, Factoring Polynomials, Polynomial Expressions and The FOIL Method

Math Definitions Collection: Quadrilaterals

Quadrilaterals Collection Definition of a Quadrilateral

Math Definitions Collection: Geometry Theorems and Postulates

Theorems Collection Definition of a Triangle, Definition of an Angle, Right Triangles and Definition of a Line

Math Definitions Collection: Geometry

Geometry Collection 3-Dimensional Figures, Definition of an Angle, Exploring Coordinate Systems, Geometric Constructions with Points and Lines, Definition of a Point, Definition of a Triangle, Definition of a Circle, Definition of Transformations, The Distance Formula, Definition of a Polygon, Definition of a Plane, Definition of a Line, Midpoint Formula, Applications of Polygons, Right Triangles, Trig Expressions and Identities, Definition of a Quadrilateral, Applications of Points and Lines, Proportions, Area and Perimeter of Triangles, Area and Perimeter of Quadrilaterals and Pyramids

Math Definitions Collection: Rationals and Radicals

Rationals and Radicals Collection Rational Functions and Equations, Radical Expressions, Radical Functions and Equations and Rational Expressions

Math Definitions Collection: Elementary Math Terms for Addition and Subtraction

Elementary Math Collection Addition Expressions and Equations

Math Definitions Collection: Exponential and Logarithmic Vocabulary

Exponential Collection Applications of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Math Definitions Collection: Elementary Math Terms for Multiplication and Division

Elementary Collection Multiplication Expressions and Equations

Math Definitions Collection: Linear Functions

Linear Function Collection Slope-Intercept Form, Applications of Linear Functions, Graphs of Linear Functions, Standard Form, Point-Slope Form and Slope

Math Definitions Collection: Closure Properties

Closure Collection Numerical Expressions

Math Definitions Collection: Circles

Circles Collection Definition of a Circle

Math Definitions Collection: Measures of Central Tendency

Measures of Central Tendency Data Analysis

Math Definitions Collection: Fractions

Fractions Collection Compare and Order Fractions, Fractions and Mixed Numbers and Identify and Name Fractions

Math Definitions Collection: Coordinate Systems

Coordinate Collection Coordinate Systems

Math Definitions Collection: Polygons

Polygon Collection Definition of a Polygon

Math Definitions Collection: Inequalities

Inequalities Collection Inequalities

Math Definitions Collection: Primes and Composites

Primes and Composites Collection Prime and Composite Numbers

Math Definitions Collection: Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Collection Numerical and Algebraic Expressions

Math Definitions Collection: Angles

Angles Collection Definition of an Angle

Math Definitions Collection: Factors and Multiples

Factors Collection Numerical Expressions

Math Definitions Collection: Quadratics

Quadratics Collection Quadratic Equations and Functions, Applications of Quadratic Functions, Quadratic Formula and Graphs of Quadratic Functions

Math Definitions Collection: 3D Geometry

3D Geometry 3-Dimensional Figures, Cubes, Spheres, Cones, Cylinders, Pyramids, Triangular Prisms, Rectangular Prisms, Surface Area and Volume

Math Definitions Collection: Charts and Graphs

Charts Collection Data Analysis

Math Definitions Collection: Functions and Relations

Functions Collection Special Functions, Relations and Functions, Conic Sections, Composite Functions and Functions and Their Inverses