How to Subscribe to Media4Math Library

Media4Math Bundle

Single User License

Get a single-user subscription for the low cost of $79.99 and get access to over 16,000 digital resources. Our library includes videos, worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, games, and other digital resources for your math lessons.

Ready to subscribe? Click here and quickly gain access to our amazing library.

The Media4Math Bundle

Want to save money? Subscribe to the Media4Math bundle, which gives you access to ALL the Media4Math Library resources, plus access to our Media4Math Classroom modules. Not only will you get access to all our content libraries, but as we add new resources, you'll have access to those as well. There are two ways to subscribe to the Media4Math Bundle:

Individual Teacher Subscriptions—$199.99/Year

Purchase an individual teacher subscription and get access to all of our resources. To get a quote, click on this link.

School Subscriptions—$499.99/Year

Give every teacher in your school access to all the resources on Media4Math Library and Classroom. This license includes a professional development training session with your teachers (via Webinar), showing them where to find all the great resources on Media4Math. To get a quote for your school, click on this link.