Overview: The Media4Math Worksheet Library

Media4Math has an extensive worksheet library covering a wide variety of topics in K-12 math. Each worksheet comes with an answer key. Most worksheets are a single page, but there are also some multi-page worksheets. These worksheets can be printed and assigned to your students. Some worksheets are accompanied by a video segment or online activity, but most can be used as is. For example, the following sets of worksheets have a multimedia component:

  • The TI-Nspire Mini-Tutorial worksheets have an accompanying video
  • The Desmos activities have an accompanying interactive component
  • Some interactive games have an accompanying worksheet

As a subscriber to Media4Math, you can download these PDF files. You can also incorporate them into a presentation using our proprietary Slide Show Creator tool. Put together an instructional sequence consisting of a video, game, flash chards, and top it off with a worksheet. With Slide Show Creator you can author your own content resources.

Accessing the Worksheets

You will find the Worksheet Library in the Content Showcase. From the main screen, click on the Content menu and from there select Content Showcase. In the content showcase, go to the Worksheet collection.

You will see the complete collection of worksheets. Here are some sample titles from this list. To see the complete collection of worksheets go to this link. There you can key word search for specific topics to find an appropriate worksheets.

This is a partial list of the worksheets topics currently available. This is a growing library.

2D-3D GeometryAbsolute Value Function Tables and Graphs

Adding Decimals To Tenths Place

Adding Four Digit Numbers Mixed

Adding Fractions

Adding MoneyK-2

Adding Subtracting Binomials

Adding Subtracting Trinomials

Adding Three Digit Numbers

Adding With Place Value

Addition Tables

Absolute Value Function Tables and Graphs

Adding Decimals To TenthsPlace

Adding Fractions

Completing The Square

Decimals To Percents

Exponential  Functions Tables and Graphs

Graphing Coordinates

Identifying Quadrants

Linear  Functions Tables and Graphs

Logarithmic FunctionsTablesGraphsWorksheets

Midpoint Formula

One Step Equations


Percents To Deciamls

Quadratic  Functions Tables and Graphs

Solving One Step Addition Equations

Solving One Step Division Equations

Solving One Step Equations Mixed

Solving One Step Multiplication Equations

Solving One Step Subtraction Equations

Solving Systems

Solving Linear  Systems

Solving Two Step Equations

Using Distance Formula Quadrilateral Area

Using Distance Formula Quadrilateral Perimeter

Using Distance Formula Triangle Area

Using Distance Formula Triangle Perimeter

Analyzing Expressions

Analyzing Shapes

Combining Like Terms

Counting By 2s and 3S

Counting By 10s

Counting Even-Odds

Decimals To Percents From Decimals

Decimals To Percents Greater Than 100

Decimals To Percents and Whole Numbers

Differences To 10

Distance Formula

Dividing Polynomials

Dividing Numbers

Evaluating Exponential Expressions

Evaluating Exponential FunctionsOfBase10

Evaluating Exponential sBase2

Evaluating ExponentsOfBaseE

Evaluating Linear Functions

Evaluating Logarithmic Expressions

Evaluating Quadratic Functions

Explicit Formula Arithmetic Sequences

Exponential Functions Tables and Graphs

Factors And Multiples

Graphing Coordinates

Identifying the Quadrant

Identifying Terms in a Sequence

Identifying the nth Term of a Sequence

Inverse Linear Functions

Inverse Quadratic Functions

The Language of Math

Simplifying Radical Expressions


Word Search Puzzles

Crossword Puzzles