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Video Transcript: Algebra Applications: Quadratic Functions

This is the transcript for the video of same title. Video contents: In this episode of Algebra Applications, three real-world explorations of linear functions are developed: Pyrotechnics. Fireworks displays are elegant examples of quadratic functions. Forensics. The distance a car travels even after the brakes are applied can be described through a quadratic function. Medicine. From the time a baby is born to the time it reaches 36 months of age, there is dramatic growth in height and weight. An analysis of CDC data reveals a number of quadratic models.

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Grade Range 6 - 12
Curriculum Nodes Algebra
    • Quadratic Functions and Equations
        • Applications of Quadratic Functions
        • Graphs of Quadratic Functions
        • Quadratic Equations and Functions
Copyright Year 2011
Keywords quadratic, parabolas, quadratic regression, quadratic equations, quadratic formula, solutions, roots, zeros, pyrotechnics, forensics, medicine, functions, algebra resources for teachers, algebra resources for teachers and students, video transcript