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Interactive Math Game--DragNDrop--The Slope Formula

Engaging Math Activities & Games For Learning Slope 

In this drag-and-drop game, match the coordinates to the slope of the line that passes through the two points. This game generates thousands of different equation combinations, offering an ideal opportunity for skill review in a game format.

Improve math skills and have fun at the same time with our selection of interactive games and activities that teach the concept of slope. These entertaining games make learning enjoyable and engaging, helping young learners understand this mathematical process better.

Create Slope Puzzles

Get creative with your math activities and try making visual puzzles. Start by drawing a grid on a piece of paper and placing images or symbols at each point, then challenge students to draw the line that would represent the slope connecting two points. Having young learners look for connections between different shapes, colors or symbols will also improve their spatial reasoning skills as they tackle the puzzle.

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Grade Range 6 - 9
Curriculum Nodes Algebra
    • Linear Functions and Equations
        • Slope
Copyright Year 2015
Keywords function, linear functions, slope formula, math game, drag and drop game