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INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCE: Algebra Application: Creating an Exercise Chart

INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCE: Algebra Application: Creating an Exercise Chart

In this Algebra Application, students develop a linear mathematical model based on the maximum heart rate during exercise based on age. Using this model, students investigate heart rate for moderate and vigorous workouts. The math topics covered include: Mathematical modeling, Linear functions, Families of functions, Computational thinking. The culminating activity is for students to create a simple program (using either a spreadsheet or a programming language like Python) to develop an exercise chart. This is a great back-to-school activity for middle school or high school students. A relevant real-world application allows them to review math concepts.

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Grade Range 8 - 10
Curriculum Nodes Algebra
    • Linear Functions and Equations
        • Applications of Linear Functions
        • Slope-Intercept Form
Copyright Year 2021
Keywords Python program, applications of linear functions, families of functions, computational thinking