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Google Earth Voyager Story: The Mathematics of Pyramids, Part 2

Google Earth Voyager Story: The Mathematics of Pyramids, Part 2

In this Google Earth Voyager story visit pyramids around the world and learn about the geometry of pyramids. In this lesson, visit two Mayan pyramids and learn about sequences and series, as well as using what you've learned about the geometry of pyramids and other three-dimensional figures.

This is part of a collection of Google Earth Voyager Stories that use Google's mapping technology to explore relevant math stories. To see the complete collection of the Google Earth Voyager Stories, click on this link.

Note: The download is the teacher's guide.

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Grade Range 6 - 10
Curriculum Nodes Geometry
    • 3D Geometry
        • Pyramids
Copyright Year 2020
Keywords pyramid, square pyramid, volume, 3d Geometry, Mayan pyramids, arithmetic sequences, geometric sequences, arithmetic series, geometric series, applications of exponential functions