What is Media4Math?

Media4Math is a community of educators dedicated to making math instruction relevant for 21st-century students by focusing on:

  • Real-world applications
  • Engaging videos, games, and other media
  • Partnerships with such organizations as GoogleEarth, Texas Instruments, Desmos, Quizlet, and others.

Media4Math Library has over 12,000 digital resources that you can easily integrate into your math instruction.

Media4Math Classroom has dozens of instructional modules that you can easily assign to students to track progress.

Why Media4Math?

We love math. We love teaching math. We love making students enthusiastic about math.  Media4Math content is filled with exploration and applications of math like you and your students have never seen before. For example, look at our GoogleEarth Voyager Stories.

To learn more about our wealth of resources, see the video on the right.

How Effective Are Media4Math Resources?

Our instructional resources are built on evidence-based best practices. To learn more about
How we built Media4Math, look at these overviews:


Can Media4Math Resources Be Used for Distance Learning?

Yes! Our media, game, and instructional resources can be used over a Zoom or Google Hangout, and all of our resources can be easily incorporated into your Google Classroom account.


How Do I Subscribe to Media4Math?

Media4Math offers flexible subscription packages:

  • Purchase Media4Math Classroom Modules for $6.99 per module.
  • Get a single user subscription to Media4Math for $19.99.
  • Get the single user Bundle (all resources in Library and Classroom) for $199 per user.
  • Get the School Bundle (all resources for all math teachers) for $499 per school.

To learn more about our subscription packages, click on this link.