How Media4Math Can Transform Your Math Instruction


The Media4Math Curriculum

Media4Math has thousands of digital resources and instructional supports, but how do you put it all together? You have a lot on your plate, so how can Media4Math help?

Coming this fall is the Media4Math Curriculum, as part of our Subscriber-Only content. You’ll get actionable lesson plans that you can start using on day 1. We’re harvesting the best of what’s in Media4Math and serving up lessons on key topics throughout the year.

Here is a sample unit and also covers our approach to math instruction:

  • Reduce math anxiety

  • Increase math applications

  • Supercharge mathematical reasoning


Units of Study Will Include

  • Counting and Skip-Counting
  • Repeated Addition and Multiplication
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Ratios, Proportions and Percents
  • Equations
  • Functions and Relations
  • Variables, Constants, and Unknowns
  • Linear Functions
  • Quadratic Functions
  • Geometry Basics: Points and Lines
  • Geometry Basics: Angles and Planes
  • Geometry Basics: Triangles
  • Geometry Basics: Quadrilaterals
  • Geometry Basics: Polygons
  • Geometry Basics: Circles


Sample Unit: Equations

This unit is for students in upper elementary or middle school. It provides a foundation on equations, focusing on logical reasoning more so than on algorithmic manipulation. This can supplement or unit on equations or provide a needed review for students that need it.

The suggested timeframe for each lesson can be adapted to suit your needs.

Days 1-2: Speaking Math

Introduction of key vocabulary around equations. This is a gamified experience with word puzzles and other games.

Introduce these terms and definitions

  • Equation
  • Equality
  • Solution
  • True Equation
  • False Equation
  • Algebraic Expression
  • Equals Sign
  • Conditional Equation
  • The Unknown

Media4Math Resources:

Goal: A low-stress intro to equations vocabulary. These two days lay the groundwork of vocabulary and basic concepts. This also reinforces the notion that math is a language, an understandable one that students can comprehend.



Days 3-4: Building Blocks

Introduction to the properties of equality. Use the Equation Game to explore:

  • Addition Property of Equality
  • Subtraction Property of Equality
  • Multiplication Property of Equality
  • Division Property of Equality


Media4Math Resources:

Goal: To develop a concrete understanding of equations and the properties of equality. Establishes that math is not just computation, but logical reasoning.




Days 5-6: Putting it Together

Watch instructional videos on equations and solving one- and two-step equations.

Pre-viewing Questions

  • Do you know how to solve an equation?
  • What is the process for solving an equation?
  • What does it mean to have a solution to an equation?

Post-viewing Questions

  • What does it mean to isolate the variable?
  • How does solving an equation change a conditional equation?


Media4Math Resources:

Goal: Develop mastery at solving one- and two-step equations using properties of operations.




Days 7-8: Show What You Know

This student module includes assessment items. You can assign this module to individual students and create a dashboard to track student progress.


Media4Math Resources:

Goal: Assess student mastery.


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