The Media4Math Bundle

The Media4Math Bundle is a great way to save money and give access to all Media4Math resources to all teachers at your school.

Media4Math Library has over 10,000 digital resources, including videos, quizzes, worksheets, games, tutorials and much more. Individual teacher price $19.99/Year.

Media4Math Classroom provides instructional sequences (modules) that can be assigned to students. Single Module Price is $6.99/Teacher for Perpetual Use. Currently we have 31 Modules with more being added.

The Media4Math Bundle subscription grants perpetual access to the 31 modules AND all future modules!

The Media4Math Bundle provides access to all the above to all teachers for $499.99/Year.

Cost savings example, based on 5 teachers:

     Media4Math Library, 19.99 / yr x 5 = $99.95/yr

     Media4Math Classroom, 6.99 / Module / Teacher: 31 modules x 6.99 x 5 = $1,083.45

     Total Cost $1,183.40 if purchased individually by each teacher.

     Total Savings: $683.41

If you would like to purchase the Bundle, you can fax a P.O. to 925-380-5929 or e-mail your P.O. to

Questions? Please contact Tom Mooshegian:


Thank you,

The Media4Math Team

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