The Media4Math Bundle

The Media4Math Bundle is a great way to save money and give access to all Media4Math resources to all teachers at your school.

Media4Math Library has over 14,000 digital resources, including videos, quizzes, worksheets, games, tutorials and much more. Individual teacher price $59.99/Year.

Media4Math Classroom provides instructional sequences (modules) that can be assigned to students. Single Module Price is $6.99/Teacher for Perpetual Use. 

The Media4Math Bundle subscription grants access to the all Media4Math Library and Media4Math Classroom content and all future content!

Prices for the Media4Math Bundle are:

  • Single User: $199.99/Year
  • School: $499.99/Year

If you would like to purchase the Bundle, you can fax a P.O. to 925-380-5929 or e-mail your P.O. to

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About M4M

About Media4Math

Our Mission

Media4Math's mission is to educate 21st-century students in real-world applications of math with digital technology. We bring math to life in your classroom with a rich blend of resources to inspire your students to learn. Our philosophy is that the procedural side of math is a prerequisite to using it, but we also find that real-world math applications can provide motivation and even inspiration for math students. Math is its own language and it has important stories to tell.

About Media4Math Library

Media4Math Library contains over 15,000 high-quality resources designed for classroom or home use. This includes instructional, remediation, and assessment resources. You'll find truly innovative resources that bring math to life. Resources in Media4Math Library include:

  • Videos
  • Math Clip Art
  • Math Examples
  • Quizzes
  • Tutorials
  • PowerPoint and Google Slide presentations
  • GoogleEarth Voyager Stories
  • Algebra Applications
  • Geometry Explorations
  • Quizlet Flash Cards
  • Desmos Resources
  • Texas Instrument Resources
  • Games and Simulations

About Media4Math Classroom

Media4Math Classroom provides ready-to-use interactive math lessons that teach, assess, and provide real-world applications of topics in Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry. Assign these modules to your students and capture assessment scores in an easy-to-use Dashboard. This is a growing library of instructional modules. Topics include:

  • Arithmetic
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • SAT Math Prep

Media4Math Classroom modules provide real world applications of math that will motivate your students. Here are some examples:

  • Construction Site Math. Apply ratios and proportions to mixtures of cement and concrete. This module includes video resources and your students will get a real-world application of ratios and proportions.
  • Counting Bison. Apply place value concepts to the real-world application of the bison population. Because the bison population has gone through dramatic changes in population, this become an opportunity to use and apply place value.
  • Wildlife Refuge. This study of area and perimeter centers on the mustang population in the Nevada area. Students explore the relationship between area and perimeter of rectangular shapes in the context of designing a wildlife refuge.

Media4Math School 

Because of the COVID pandemic, many elementary students have experienced a decline in their math skills. Media4Math School consists of self-paced courses that can be administered even within a classroom setting, to allow students to catch up. The topics covered in these courses are basic math skills:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Fractions

The Media4Math Bundle

A subscription to the Media4Math bundle gives teachers access to all the resources and, depending on the package, can support a classroom or more of students. To learn more about our subscription packages, contact us at