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Get the Media4Math Bundle Subscription

There's no reason you shouldn't be using the Media4Math bundle in your classroom. And cost shouldn't be a factor.

Create a Donors Choose project and get it funded! See the video on the right to see how simple it is to set up a project.

Once you're ready, here's what to do:

  1. Create a Project on Donors Choose.
  2. Add Media4Math to your project list. You'll find it listed on the AKJ store:
  3. Submit your project to Donors Choose.
  • Want to see Media4Math projects that were funded through Donors Choose? Click on this link.

  • And here are some projects that are currently looking for funding.

Get started on Donors Choose here.


How Can Media4Math Help?

Here are just a few ways that we'll assist:

  1. Send us a link to your Donors Choose project and we'll promote it through email to educators around the country.
  2. We'll create a landing page on Media4Math announcing all Media4Math Donors Choose projects seeking funding
  3. If your project gets funded, we'll create a blog posting announcing it.
  4. If you get your Media4Math project funded through Donors Choose, we'll extend the license to two years.

We want you to use Media4Math!

Need Project Ideas?

There are countless ways to incorporate Media4Math into your math curriculum. Here are some ideas that you can incorporate into a Donors Choose project:

  • Use Media4Math's video library to create a distance learning library of resources for teaching key concepts.
  • Use Media4Math's GoogleEarth Voyager content to create interdisciplinary units of instruction that can be done remotely.
  • Create an SAT Station that utilizes Media4Math SAT Prep modules for students to review key concepts.
  • Media4Math's digital manipulatives and instructional videos provide a distance learning platform for reviewing key concepts.

Let us know what projects you're thinking of getting funded. Got questions? Reach us at

We want you to use Media4Math!