Reflection and Symmetry: Da Vinci's Mirror Writing


In this module explore reflection and symmetry in the context of Leonardo Da Vinci's mirror writing. Many of Da Vinci's handwritten notes were written in reverse script that could only be read correctly in a mirror. This provides an opportunity to explore geometric reflections, but also the symmetric properties of certain letters of the alphabet.

The module begins by looking at reflections and axes of reflection. Through this exploration students come to recognize that some letters, in spite of a reflection, are unchanged. This creates an opportunity to explore vertical and horizontal line symmetry.

Math Concepts

  • Geometry

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding of axis of reflection
  • Understanding of vertical line symmetry
  • Understanding of horizontal line symmetry
  • Encoding messages using the properties of reflection and symmetry

Prerequisite Skills

  • Understanding of geometric points and lines
  • The letters of the alphabet are made up of basic geometric shapes
Common Core Standards CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.8.G.A.3
Lesson Duration 20 mins
Grade Range 6th - 8th Grade

Lesson Preview