Instructional Module: Place Value: Making Tens


In this Media4Math Classroom Module, your early elementary students will use their place value skills to improve their addition by learning to make 10's. Using graphics, videos, and games, students are introduced to rewrite numbers to facilitate adding with 10's. This also becomes an excellent precursor to using the traditional addition algorithm.

Four assessment items are included in this module, along with the standard features of allowing you to create a class roster to test student progress. The Media4Math Classroom Modules are flexible. They can be used for classroom demonstration purposes, or in a distance learning environment. They can also be assigned to individual students.

Math Concepts

  • Number Concepts

Learning Objectives

  • Make tens
  • Solve addition problems

Prerequisite Skills

  • Can count to 50
  • Familiar with place value to the tens place
  • Familiar with commutative and associative properties of addition
Common Core Standards CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.K.OA.A.4
Lesson Duration 30 mins
Grade Range K - 2nd Grade

Lesson Preview