Applications of Linear Functions: Hooke's Law


In this module, students explore a physics-based application of linear functions: Hooke's Law. By exploring the properties of springs, a simple linear model is developed. Students then explore applications of Hooke's Law, from weight scales to bungee cords.

Students investigate the properties of springs and identify two variables: the displacement of the spring (extension or compression) and the amount of force involved. From this students identify the independent variable and dependent variable. A graphing calculator activity (using the Desmos graphing tool) allows students to explore the value of k in the function F = kx.

Math Concepts

  • Functions
  • Problem Solving

Learning Objectives

  • Create a linear function model
  • Test the model for accuracy
  • Graph a linear function

Prerequisite Skills

  • Understands the basics of linear functions
  • Graphing on the coordinate plane
Lesson Duration 20 mins
Grade Range 6th - 8th Grade

Lesson Preview