Content Showcase: Desmos Resources

Desmos Resources


Through our partnership with we have created a growing library of resources that support the use of their technology. Included in this collection are videos, transcripts, instructional resources, and interactive graphing calculator activities. We support both the Desmos graphing calculator and their geometry tools.

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Topic Collection: Desmos Resources: Videos

This collection of videos support the Desmos geometry tools. Each video also includes a closed captioned version, as well as a transcript.

Desmos Resources

Topic Collection: Desmos Resources: Transcripts

Here are transcripts for the Desmos videos.

Desmos Resources

Topic Collection: Desmos Resources: Instructional Resources

This is a collection of instructional resources that use the Desmos graphing calculator. These are Google Slide Shows. Subscribers can download these as PPT presentation.

Desmos Resources

Topic Collection: Desmos Resources: Interactives

These activities use custom-created Desmos graphing calculator screens where students can explore key concepts. A companion worksheet guides them through the activity.

Desmos Resources