Student Tutorial: Geometry Basics: Planes


Learn about geometric planes. For this tutorial you'll be using the Desmos Geometry Tools, which are free: Watch the video and follow along using the Desmos tools.

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Math Clip Art: Student Tutorial Title Page

Planes Title Card

These three points are not collinear. There isn’t a line that crosses all three points.

There are lines that include any two of the points, but no single line that includes all three points.

But there is a geometric object that includes all three points. This is known as a plane. This is Plane P.

A plane is a flat two-dimensional surface. A plane extends to infinity in all directions.

Points and lines on the same plane are coplanar.

Note the increase in dimensions from points to lines to Planes

Ice skating provides an example of points, lines, and planes.

Think of the sheet of ice as a two-dimensional plane.

This skater is spinning about a point on the plane.

This skater skates along a line.