Overview: Quizlet Flash Card Library

The Interactive Flash Cards Library is a set of Quizlet-created activities that cover key topics in Algebra and Geometry. These 20-flash card sets allow a student to do independent review and practice from their computer or mobile device.

These embedded Quizlet apps also allow to review these concepts in different formats, beyond flash cards. Quizlet is one of the most popular assessment tools and Media4Math has partnered with Quizlet to bring you this growing library of resources.


Quizlet Screen Grab

Using Flash Cards

Flash cards are an effective way for students to review concepts, vocabulary, and math problems. Whether a set of paper-and-pencil flash cards, decks of flash cards, or interactive versions like Quizlet, these are time-tested informal assessment tools. Media4Math has partnered with Quizlet to bring you nearly a thousand sets of flash cards, each with roughly 20 cards in a set. This is an extensive amount of content and depending on what grade levels you teach, you will likely find a set of interactive flash cards that you can use.

The Quizlet flash cards can be used in many different ways. For whole class review, display a set of flash cards on a white board. Or, assign a set of cards to your students for individual or group review. Many of the flash cards sets also provide an opportunity for mental math, but you should encourage students to also work out the problems on a sheet of paper.

How the Interactive Flash Cards Work

To find the complete library of Quizlet flash cards on Media4Math, Press on Search, which you'll find on the menu bar. There you'll see all the resources on Media4Math.

Scroll down to find the Flash Cards on the Browse By Media Type menu, as shown here.

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You will see the complete collection of Interactive Flash Cards. This is a growing library of flash cards. Here are some sample titles from this list.

  • Difference of Squares and Cubes
  • Factoring Binomials
  • Multiplying Binomials
  • Parabola Maximum and Minimum
  • Axis of Symmetry: Parabola
  • Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring
  • Solving Quadratic Equations Using the Quadratic Formula
  • Multiplying Four Integers
  • Complex Numbers
  • Telling Time
  • Comparing Dinosaur Heights
  • Sums Greater Than 10
  • Adding to 10
  • Sums to 5
  • Adding and Subtracting Objects
  • Adding Objects
  • Comparing Numbers from 1-10
  • Complete the Count
  • Finding the Mode of a Data Set
  • Finding the Mean of a Data Set
  • Range of a Data Set
  • Median of a Data Set
  • Solving Quadratic Equations Algebraically
  • Solving Simpel Quadratic Equations
  • Properties of Quadratic Functions
  • Evaluating Quadratic Functions
  • Multiplying and Dividing Complex Numbers
  • Adding and Subtracting Complex Numbers
  • Calculating the Modulus
  • Plotting Complex Numbers
  • Imaginary Numbers
  • Non-Linear Systems
  • Solving Systems Using the Elimination Method
  • Solving Systems Using the Substitution Method
  • Systems of Linear Equations
  • Composite Functions
  • Analyzing Linear Functions
  • Identifying Functions
  • Evaluating Functions
  • SAT Math Prep: Linear Equations in Standard Form
  • SAT Math Prep: Parallel/Perpendicular Lines
  • Point-Slope Form
  • Slope-Intercept Form
  • Adding Two Integers
  • Adding Three Integers
  • Adding Improper Fractions
  • Adding Fractions
  • Identifying Coordinates
  • Multiplying Multi-Digit Numbers
  • Identifying Coordinate Pairs
  • Simplifying Numerical Expressions
  • Numerical Expressions with Grouping Symbols
  • Which Item Doesn't Belong?
  • Rounding Decimals
  • Dividing Decimals to the Tenths Place
  • Multiplying Decimals to the Tenths Place
  • Subtracting Decimals to the Tenths Place
  • Adding Decimals to the Tenths Place

Each set of Flash Cards covers a specific skill. To see a set of Flash Cards click on the Preview button. You should see this screen.

Quizlet Screen Grab

The onscreen instructions include the following:

  • Click the lower-right corner to flip the card to see the answer.
  • Click the left and right arrows to see the next or previous Flash Card.
  • Refer to the counter to see the Flash Card number of the set of 20.

Click on a flash card and it will flip over to show the correct answer. Click on the navigation arrows to go to the next flash card or the previous one. There are often multiple sets of flash cards to continually practice the skills associated with each set. 

These Quizlet resources can also be found on Quizlet itself. Go to this link: https://quizlet.com/Media4Math. There you'll see this growing library of Quizlet resources.