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INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCE: Math Examples--Modeling Integers Using Algebra Tiles

What Are Algebra Tiles?

Numerical Models

Algebra Tiles are a very useful numerical model for positive integers, negative integers, and even variables.

Modeling expressions using algebra tiles.

Here are examples of modeling positive integers using algebra tiles.

Modeling positive numbers using algebra tiles.

Here are examples of modeling negative integers using algebra tiles.

Modeling negative numbers using algebra tiles.

You can even model zero by placing a positive tile and a negative tile together. This is called a zero pair. There are multiple ways of modeling zero, so long as equal numbers of red and yellow tiles are used.

Modeling zero using algebra tiles.

Modeling Expressions

Algebra tiles can also be used to model algebraic expressions. To model such expressions, use the tall green tile to model the variable.

Modeling expressions using algebra tiles.Modeling expressions using algebra tiles.

Modeling Equations

You can also use algebra tiles to model and solve equations.

Modeling equations using algebra tiles.

Use zero pairs to solve for the variable.

Modeling equations using algebra tiles.

This set of tutorials provides 21examples of modeling integers using Algebra Tiles.

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Grade Range 6 - 8
Curriculum Nodes Algebra
    • Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities
        • Numerical and Algebraic Expressions
Copyright Year 2014
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