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INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCE: Algebra Application: Fireworks Displays

INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCE: Algebra Application: Fireworks Displays

In this Algebra Application, students develop a quadratic mathematical model based for the path of fireworks. Using this model, students investigate the properties of parabolas, including orientation, y-intercept, and vertex. The math topics covered include: Mathematical modeling, Quadratic functions in standard, vertex, and factored form, Curve fitting, Solving equations. The culminating activity is for students to plan a fireworks displays that mathematically uses the properties of quadratics restricted to the first quadrant. Given the coordinates of the vertices, what are the equations of parabolas that fit the given parameters.

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Grade Range 8 - 10
Curriculum Nodes Algebra
    • Quadratic Functions and Equations
        • Applications of Quadratic Functions
        • Quadratic Equations and Functions
Copyright Year 2021
Keywords applications of quadratic functions, quadratic equations, parabola, pyrotechnics, curve fitting