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Closed Captioned Video: Composite Functions, Linear to Cubic

Closed Captioned Video: Composite Functions, Linear to Cubic

What Are Composite Functions?

Modeling Functions

A function machine is often used to model a function. A function machine takes an input value, x, and that results in an output value, f(x).

Diagram of a function machine.

A composite function occurs when the output of one function is the input value for another function.

Diagram of a function machine.

Let’s look at some examples. Here is a simple linear function.

An example of a linear function.

Let’s use an input value of x = 2.

Evaluating a linear function.

Now, let’s take this output value for f(2) and use it as an input value for this function.

A quadratic function.

Let’s evaluate this function for f(2).

Evaluating a quadratic function.

Here’s another way of writing g(f(x)).

Function notation for a composite function.

With this function the original input value of x = 2 results in the same output.

Evaluating a composite function.

In this TI Nspire tutorial for the TI-Nspire CAS, we explore composite functions. This video supports the TI-Nspire Clickpad and Touchpad. This Mini-Tutorial Video includes a worksheet. .

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Duration 1 minutes
Grade Range 6 - 12
Curriculum Nodes Algebra
    • Functions and Relations
        • Composite Functions
Copyright Year 2020
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