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Algebra Applications: Functions and Relations, Segment 2: Parabolic Paths.

The liftoff and pre-orbital path of the rock is described by a parabola. Students explore the properties of parabolas from the standpoint of the parametric equations that describe the horizontal and vertical directions of motion for the rocket.

This video includes a video transcript: https://www.media4math.com/library/video-transcript-algebra-applications-functions-and-relations-segment-2-parabolic-paths

A Promethean Flipchart is available for this video: https://www.media4math.com/library/promethean-flipchart-algebra-applications-space-travel-1

Duration 5.95 minutes
Grade Range 6 - 9
Curriculum Nodes Algebra
    • Functions and Relations
        • Applications of Functions and Relations
        • Conic Sections
        • Relations and Functions
Copyright Year 2011
Keywords algebra, functions, relations, conic sections, circles, parabola, hyperbolas, ellipses, space travel