Wildlife Refuge


In this module students use their geometry and algebra skills to analyze a wildlife refuge in Nevada. Calculating the area, perimeter, and the ratio of the two allows students to analyze different configurations for a refuge. Specifically, they look at ways of designing a wild horse refuge, using the concepts they have learned. 

Math topics covered include:

  • Rectangle area and perimeter
  • The ratio of perimeter to ratio
  • Analyzing the graphs of area and perimeter equations (graphs of linear and rational functions)
  • Solving real-world design problems

This module includes three videos that provide examples, definitions, and real-world context. Your students will also learn a great deal about environmental concerns related to wildlife refuges.

Math Concepts

  • Problem Solving
  • Geometry
  • Equations

Learning Objectives

  • Model rectangular area with an equation and graph
  • Model rectangular perimeter with an equation and graph
  • Solve design problems involving area and perimeter

Prerequisite Skills

  • Knows the area formula for a rectangle
  • Knows the perimeter formula for a rectangle
Lesson Duration 60 mins
Grade Range 7th - 10th Grade

Lesson Preview