What Is a Function?


In algebra, the topic of functions is extremely important. But what is a function? In this module students will learn what a function is and how to represent it. They'll explore data tables, graphs, and equations. Plus, they'll see the connection from one to the other.

Students will learn about function machines, and we draw an analogy to actual machines. A short video shows how a flat disk of aluminum (the input) is turned into a soda can (the output) by a series of machines that stretch and shape the disk into the can.

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Math Concepts

  • Functions
  • Graphing Numbers

Learning Objectives

  • Defining a function
  • Graphing a function
  • Using the vertical line test

Prerequisite Skills

  • Organizing data in tables
  • Graphing data from tables
Common Core Standards CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.8.F.A.1, CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.8.F.B.5
Lesson Duration 20 mins
Grade Range 8th - 10th Grade

Lesson Preview