Regular Polygons


In this module, students explore the properties of regular polygons and use their skills to construct tile patterns. Students learn about Arabesque tile patterns found throughout the Middle East. These tile patterns are based on Euclidean geometric principles. 

Students learn about the characteristics of polygons, including regular polygons. There are two geometric constructions, one for constructing a square and one for constructing a regular hexagon. Students need to use a compass and ruler for these activities.

Students also learn the formula for calculating the sum of the interior angles of a polygon. This provides an opportunity for algebraic work in the context of geometry.

This lesson addresses the high school Common Core Standards but it can also be used in an informal geometry class in middle school.

Math Concepts

  • Geometric Constructions
  • Circles

Learning Objectives

  • Define polygons
  • Construct a square using a compass and ruler
  • Construct a hexagon using a compass and ruler
  • Calculate the sum of the interior angles of a polygon

Prerequisite Skills

  • Know how to use a compass and ruler
  • Familiarity with algebraic formulas
Common Core Standards CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.HSG.MG.A.3
Lesson Duration 20 mins
Grade Range 8th - 10th Grade

Lesson Preview