Plastics and Place Value


Americans manufacture, use, and recycle plastic products. In this module students look at data regarding the use of plastics in order to learn and apply skills related to place value.

"Plastics and Place Value" includes four videos to support the instruction. The first video discusses place value in general. The other three videos analyze EPA data on plastics manufacturing, recycling, and the amounts that end up in land fills. The data includes numbers to the thousands, although they represent millions of tons of data. Students learn to read these values from the table, as well as how to properly interpret these numbers.

Students then use their place value skills to compare different values from the data tables to draw conclusions. This module is as much about place value as it is about data analysis. In addition the topic should be of high interest to your students, as it crosses over into environmental science.

A drag-and-drop game allows students to further hone their place value skills. This is followed by multiple choice questions that assess for a deeper understanding of place value in the context of problem solving. Your students will be challenged but also enlightened about the world around them.

Math Concepts

  • Number Concepts
  • Problem Solving

Learning Objectives

  • Define place value
  • Recognize place value to the hundreds
  • Solve problems using place value

Prerequisite Skills

  • Can read numbers to the 100s
  • Understands place value to the tenths place
  • Can read numbers from a table or graph
Lesson Duration 30 mins
Grade Range K - 2nd Grade

Lesson Preview