Modeling Integers with Algebra Tiles


In this module model students will learn how to use algebra tiles to model positive numbers, negative numbers, and zero. For this module make sure students have access to set of algebra tiles to use to model integers. Students will then extend their knowledge of integers to learn about matter and anti-matter.

In this module we use red and yellow tiles. The yellow tiles are used to model positive integers, and the red tiles are used to model negative integers. Three short videos describe how to use these tiles to model positives, negatives, and zeros. This module does not address number operations.

As an extension activity students apply their knowledge of zero pairs to the context of matter and anti-matter. A short video describes the concept.

Throughout the lesson various assessment items are included, which are then scored. A teacher's guide includes a detailed description of all components of this lesson.

This lesson addresses the Grade 6 Common Core Standards but it can also be used at any point where algebra tiles are introduced.

This lesson can be assigned to individual students or teams of students. The lesson can be completed in about 20 to 25 minutes. 


Math Concepts

  • Number Concepts
  • Problem Solving

Learning Objectives

  • Define integers
  • Model positive numbers, negative numbers, and zero with algebra tiles
  • Solve problems using algebra tiles

Prerequisite Skills

  • Understand whole numbers
Lesson Duration 20 mins
Grade Range 6th - 7th Grade

Lesson Preview