Comparing and Ordering Fractions


In this module students learn how to compare and order fractions. All examples shown involve fractions less than 1. Various strategies for comparing and ordering fractions are covered.

Specifically, students will learn the following strategies for comparing and ordering fractions:

  • Comparing fractions to a benchmark fraction
  • Graphing fractions on a number line and determining relative size and order based on their location on the number line
  • Generating equivalent fractions to compare fractions with a common denominator

This module includes tutorials, multiple choice assessments, and an interactive drag-and-drop activity.

Math Concepts

  • Graphing Numbers
  • Number Concepts

Learning Objectives

  • Compare fractions using various strategies
  • Order fractions using various strategies

Prerequisite Skills

  • Can generate equivalent fractions
  • Knows how to use inequality symbols
Lesson Duration 30 mins
Grade Range 3rd - 5th Grade

Lesson Preview