Applications of Linear Functions: Speed and Acceleration


When a rocket is launched into space, it starts from rest and within minutes reaches speeds of tens of thousands kilometers per hour. In other words, the rocket accelerates.

In this module, students apply their knowledge of linear functions to explore the speed vs. time function. In the process they learn about acceleration, as well as the properties of this linear function.

Students first explore the equation for calculating acceleration. Then they use that to develop the speed vs. time linear function. 

This module can be completed in about 20 minutes. Make sure that students understand the basics of linear functions in slope-intercept form.

Math Concepts

  • Functions
  • Problem Solving

Learning Objectives

  • Create a linear function model for speed vs. acceleration
  • Test the model for accuracy
  • Graph a linear function model on a Cartesian coordinate system

Prerequisite Skills

  • Understands the basics of linear functions
Lesson Duration 20 mins
Grade Range 6th - 8th Grade

Lesson Preview