Unit: Multiplication and Division


This unit is for students in elementary grades 2-4. It provides a foundation on basic skills, focusing on multiplication and division. 

Key topics include:

  • Skip Counting
  • Rectangular Arrays
  • Properties of Operations
  • Multiplication Facts
  • Division Facts
  • Multiplication and Division Equations

Grades: 2-4






Multiplication/Division Facts


Properties of Operations



The suggested timeframe for each lesson can be adapted to suit your needs.

Days 1-2: Speaking Math

Goal: Gain an understanding of the key words used throughout this unit.

These are the key terms you will learn in this unit:

  1. Multiplication
  2. Division
  3. Multiplying
  4. Dividing
  5. Factor
  6. Multiple
  7. Product
  8. Quotient
  9. Array
  10. Skip-Counting
  11. Commutative Property of Multiplication
  12. Associative Property of Multiplication
  13. Distributive Property
  14. Zero Property of Multiplication
  15. Zero Product Property of Multiplication
  16. Identity Property
  17. Fact Families: Multiplication and Division

Day 1

  • Key Terms
  • Slide Show: Math Vocabulary
  • Word Search Puzzles

Day 2

  • Tutorial: Multiples and Factors
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Worksheet: Multiples and Factors

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Days 3-4: Building Blocks

Goal: To develop strategies for multiplying and dividing numbers. This includes skip-counting, arrays, and other visual models.

Day 3

  • Video Tutorial: Skip-Counting
  • Tutorial: Skip-Counting and Multiplication
  • Worksheet: Multiplying Using Skip-Counting

 Day 4

  • Tutorial: Arrays and Multiplication
  • Tutorial: Visual Models for Division
  • Worksheet: Arrays and Multiplication
  • Worksheet: Arrays and Division

Media4Math Resources:




Days 5-6: Putting it Together

Goal: Use the Properties of Operations to multiply and divide. Develop a facility for basic facts.

Day 5

  • Tutorial: Multiplication Facts
  • Tutorial: Multiplication Properties
  • Video Tutorial: The Distributive Property
  • Interactive Game: Fishing For Facts, Products to 50
  • Worksheet: Multiplication Facts
  • Worksheet: Properties of Operations

Day 6

  • Tutorial: Division Facts
  • Interactive Math Game: Fishing for Facts, Division Facts
  • Worksheet: Division Facts

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Days 7-8: Show What You Know

Using multiplication and division skills to solve simple equations.

Day 7

  • Tutorial: Multiplication Equations
  • Interactive Math Game: Drag-N-Drop Equations
  • Worksheet: Solving Multiplication Equations

Day 8

  • Tutorial: Division Equations
  • Interactive Math Game: Drag-N-Drop Equations
  • Worksheet: Solving Division Equations

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